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Effective desde 19/9/2017 hasta 20/9/2017
British Pound GBP 1.3520
Canadian Dollar   CAD   0.8152
Swiss Franc   CHF   1.0388
Yapanese Yen(*)   JPY   0.8969
USA Dollar   USD   1.0000
Mexican Peso   MXN   0.0562
Danish Krone   DKK   0.1612
Norway Krone   NOK   0.1281
Sweden Krona   SEK   0.1258
Euro   EUR   1.1996
"Convertible" Cuban Peso   CUC   1.0000
*Referred to a hundred units.

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Banco Central de Cuba’s researching work is not limited only to the work carried out by the Economic and Financial Studies Direction and its researchers; rather, it is the result of a joint work with officials and specialists from other areas of our institution as from the challenges posed by the daily operational business and the strategic needs that oblige to outlining the way for future work.

Thus, our researching objectives embrace a wide set of topics that vary from studying the concrete and current problems of the Cuban economy evolution and development -focusing on those aspects related the most to their financial and monetary issues- up to the analysis of the international happening, where aspects related with the economic situation, the heaviest integrationist trends and challenges faced today with the aim of redesigning the prevailing economic international order are dealt with.

We hope that works presented in this section will meet your expectations, and we thank you in advance for your attention.

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