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Effective desde 20/9/2018 hasta 21/9/2018
Australian Dollar a AUD a 0.72855
British Pound GBP 1.32555
Canadian Dollar   CAD   1.29050
Swiss Franc   CHF   0.96045
Yapanese Yen   JPY   112.51000
USA Dollar   USD   1.00000
Mexican Peso   MXN   18.80700
Danish Krone   DKK   6.33785
Norway Krone   NOK   8.15090
Sweden Krona   SEK   8.78160
Euro   EUR   1.17675
"Convertible" Cuban Peso   CUC   1.00000

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  • Banco de Inversiones
  • ONEI
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The creation of Banco Central de Cuba (BCC), as disposed by the Council of State by means of Decree-Law No. 172, of May 28, 1997, provided the country with an institution, capable of concentrating its efforts in the execution of its central banking functions and established a two-tier banking system integrated by Banco Central de Cuba and a group of banks and non-banking financial institutions, capable of coping with the needs which arise from the development of new ways to organise the internal and external economic relations of the country.

As the governing authority of the Cuban banking system, BCC has the mission:
  • To issue the national currency and seek for its stability.
  • To contribute to the macroeconomic balance and orderly development of the economy.
  • To keep custody of the country’s international reserves.
  • To propose and implement a monetary policy which allows to attain the economic goals established by the country.
  • To ensure normal internal and external payment operations.
  • To dictate mandatory regulations.
  • To exercise the functions related to the discipline and supervision of the financial institutions and representative offices authorised to establish themselves in the country and of any other entrusted to it by the laws.

Besides the aforementioned classical functions, Banco Central de Cuba must undertake other challenges: to improve the monetary system, in such way, that it can make feasible execution of the economic activity, enable its accurate measure, contribute to making efficiency analysis on real basis and encourage the efficacy of the economy in general and, particularly, work productivity; normalise the external financial relations of the country –including the foreign debt issue- and support credit management of banks integrating the national system and of Cuban enterprises by means of bilateral contacts with other central banks, export credit insurance companies and other official and private financial institutions.

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