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Effective desde 19/4/2018 hasta 20/4/2018
Australian Dollar a AUD a 0.77305
British Pound GBP 1.40835
Canadian Dollar   CAD   1.26560
Swiss Franc   CHF   0.97155
Yapanese Yen   JPY   107.33000
USA Dollar   USD   1.00000
Mexican Peso   MXN   18.35680
Danish Krone   DKK   6.03155
Norway Krone   NOK   7.79720
Sweden Krona   SEK   8.40620
Euro   EUR   1.23475
"Convertible" Cuban Peso   CUC   1.00000

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  • ONEI
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The Central Bank of Cuba Magazine is published quarterly. The Center of Banking and Financial Information (CIBE) is in charge of it. The articles published in it reflect, on the first place, the authors’ criteria, who are specialists of the national banking and financial system writing on their specific work, as well as on topics of world economy and the performance of Banco Central de Cuba in the economic environment in the island.

This magazine also gathers the most recent legal resolutions, technical standards, etc. issued by Banco Central de Cuba. In its Section In the making, the events of the banking and financial environment are reflected, headlighting personalities and remembering facts of historical impact linked to this area. The section Tracing the currencies permits the reader to come closer to the interesting world of currency collection and mintage in the country.

In its paper version, this magazine has 32 pages, with cover printed in four-color reproduction and two colors in the rest: gold and black. 5,000 copies of it are printed, which are distributed to over 20,900 workers in the sector.

It is also delivered to Central Banks of Latin America, Regional Centers of Studies and International Financial Organisms. Within the country, copies of it are delivered to Research and Documentation Centers, Libraries and Institutions of Higher Education, among them, to Faculties of Economy in the first place.

Among the foreign personalities interviewed by this magazine are Carlos Moneta, Permanent Secretary of SELA; Eugenio Domingo Solans, Member of European Central Bank’s Executive Board; and Diego Luis Castellanos Escalona, President of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Now the magazine is aiming to find its place in a digital support. We invite you to visit our magazine.

We also offers you the previous numbers of this magazine.


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