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Effective desde 19/9/2017 hasta 20/9/2017
British Pound GBP 1.3520
Canadian Dollar   CAD   0.8152
Swiss Franc   CHF   1.0388
Yapanese Yen(*)   JPY   0.8969
USA Dollar   USD   1.0000
Mexican Peso   MXN   0.0562
Danish Krone   DKK   0.1612
Norway Krone   NOK   0.1281
Sweden Krona   SEK   0.1258
Euro   EUR   1.1996
"Convertible" Cuban Peso   CUC   1.0000
*Referred to a hundred units.

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  • Tipo cambio BPA
  • Banco Popular de Ahorro
  • Banco de Inversiones
  • ONEI
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Central Bank of Cuba

PO Box 746, Cuba 402
Municipio Habana Vieja, La Habana
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba
Phone: (537) 860 4811 to 18
Fax: (537) 863 4061
President: Irma Margarita Martínez Castrillón


Brief History
Established (as Banco National de Cuba ) 1950, reorganised in 1961, 1966, 1975, 1984. Re-established in 1997 as Central Bank of Cuba, a state bank with monetary and foreign exchange authority.

Irma Margarita Martínez Castrillón

First Vice-President
Jorge Barrera Ortega T/F (537) 8622616

Gustavo Roca Sánchez, Administrative Vice-Presidency
Mercedes López Marrero, Analysis and Strategic Objectives of the Cuban Bank System Vice-Presidency
René Lazo Fernández, Macroeconomics Vice-Presidency
Arnaldo Alayón Bazo, Operations Vice-Presidency

Supervisión policy
Responsible for the supervision of all the financing institutions and representative offices of foreing banking institutions. A committee of banking supervision meets twice a month.

Monetary policy
Monetary policy committee:

Staff Numbers
2012 -- 565

Ownership of Bank
100% state ownership

Representative Office

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